Women's Hockey- USA vs England

With England now facing a battle to reach the quarters after a draw (1-1) with the USA this week, it’s all to play for with their next match against Ireland. Speaking of our cousins across the pond, translators can often face some difficult choices when translating into English.

Does it really matter if you use ‘colour’ or ‘color’?

The short answer is yes. ‘Localising’ content to a US or UK audience can make all the difference and the differences go beyond just the spelling. For example, consider British idioms that are almost incomprehensible to an American audience: ‘drop a clanger, ‘builder’s tea’, ‘have a butchers’*.

For the most part, the style and tone also varies. Sales techniques differ: American adverts can be more direct and to the point where British ads may choose a more subtle and persuasive approach.

Whether it’s adapting texts between UK and US English or from another language entirely, it’s important to pay attention to the distinction between the two.

Of course, there are other factors to take into consideration and we’re certain the debate over ‘colour’ and ‘color’ or ‘soccer’ and ‘football’ will continue for years to come, but let’s hope England’s Women do it for hockey this time!

(* Translations: Make a silly or embarrassing mistake, a strong mug of tea, take a look at)

Photograph: Martin Cole/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock (The Guardian)

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July 26, 2018 12:00 am

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