They all speak English, don’t they?

When WS Translations began trading over twenty five years ago the majority of work involved the translation of printed materials. WS still undertakes this type of assignment but with the internet enabling companies to contact customers all over the world, the potential to communicate with them in their own language offers very exciting prospects.  Websites are the company’s shop window.  It would be a mistake to think everyone accessing your website will understand and speak English. The internet allows anyone to access your website and buy from you.  It makes sense to offer customers across the globe the opportunity to learn about the company, products and services in their own language. The most basic of information in their own language is more likely to encourage them to buy from you. 

And it doesn't have to cost the earth! 

The projects WS works on vary from the small business wanting a simple contact page to initiate overseas enquiries to more comprehensive websites.   For example, WS Translations worked with the well established Northampton company Crockett and Jones, translating their website into French. 

The French market had been identified as being a strong export market for Crockett and Jones. Translating the website into French would enable French customers to buy from them easily. A French language website would also show potential customers that Crocket and Jones cared about their customers.

 “We were delighted to be asked by Crockett & Jones to work with them on this project. ”, said Susan Wilson, “ We needed to ensure the Crockett & Jones character and style were  faithfully represented in the translation.  It has presented many challenges such as having to edit the translated text to fit in the available space. ”  WS Translations worked together with the Crockett & Jones web design agency offering advice on how best to tackle the issue of translation and ensuring the website met Crockett & Jones’ expectations.  

October 28, 2016 12:00 am

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