Prices are calculated on a rate per thousand words based on the languages being translated. For documents up to 500 words, we apply a minimum charge. A minimum charge starts from £65, depending on the language.

Substantial savings can be made by grouping together documents as one assignment. One benefit of using WS Translations is that we archive your translated material, lowering the cost of your project by recycling existing translations you have already paid for. 

For larger projects, we are happy to offer discounts based on the volume of words to be translated. Large projects also benefit from a dedicated project manager as part of the service.  

Saving you money on translations

WS Translations encourages customers to think smart when it comes to translations. Why not group together small pieces of text for translation into the same language?  This is the most cost-effective way and will cost you only a minimum charge for the work. 

Translation is an investment

Translation is a commitment in your business abroad.  WS Translations will help you manage your investment in translated text by working with you to identify the new pieces of text required and re-using existing translations where appropriate.