WS Translations covers all language combinations. As a client of WS, we will work with you to ensure your assignments are accurate, consistent and cost effective.

We do this by archiving all our regular customers’ work which can be accessed for updating quickly.

We also take note of and record key phrases and expressions preferred by the client relevant to their industry and build these into a glossary for future use.

Our translators have an eye for localisation and will highlight any culturally sensitive expressions or styles to ensure the final document is as appropriate as it can be for the reader.

Documents are storedfor up to two years. Customers only pay once for their translation; copy translations are supplied free of charge. We can access and update documents such as price lists, and customers are only charged for the additional text and any alterations. 

Archives of all our customer’s work are held and copies of past translations supplied free of charge. Additional text and minor alterations can be undertaken using the initial translation with charges only applied for the changes. 

Electronic file management and retrieval for quick and efficient access to the client’s archive of work.  Copies may be provided on a cloud server, Dropbox or USB.


Confidentiality is paramount to WS Translations. All documents, both the original and the translation are deleted from our hard disks and paper copies are shredded by means of a confidential shredding service.