GDPR: The challenge facing U.K. companies as we approach Brexit.

Despite the U.K.’s departure from the E.U. in the Spring of 2019 GDPR regulations will apply to companies and organisations which collect, control and process data on data subjects who are resident in E.U. member states.

The obligations of the U.K. and multinational companies to comply with GDPR extend to setting up systems to monitor and report any breaches of data to the relevant data protection authorities. It is therefore worth the effort to ensure a robust system is in place ahead of Brexit and one which can rapidly adapt to meet the GDPR compliance requirements from new clients in E.U. member states.

An organisation’s primary concern will be in ensuring a seamless commercial relationship can be quickly established. In the knowledge that GDPR applies to U.K. companies it is therefore in the interest of the company to formulate a plan for GDPR compliance which can be implemented quickly and without disruption to the main commercial activities the company will be rightly focusing its efforts on.

Part of this preparation process for U.K. companies trading with clients in the E.U. will be to have their privacy and consent policies prepared and translated into the languages of all the E.U. states they currently do business with. They are also advised to consider having those statements also translated into languages of states where they anticipate doing business in the future.

There are a number of considerations beyond the translation of text, not least the localisation of the statements and the transmission of information in languages that do not readily identify personal data is included in the text. WS Translations provides qualified legal translators with the relevant knowledge and experience to translate your GDPR privacy and consent policies and any related documentation and find solutions to the process managing the GDPR process across the language barrier.

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July 31, 2018 3:30 pm

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