British domination once again at ‘Le Tour de France’- Where’s the French language gone?

The world’s most famous cycling competition ended yesterday: with an epic victory for Geraint Thomas, putting his name in the history books as the first Welshman to win the title. ‘Le Tour de France’ is renowned around the world for being an international and challenging race, Thomas himself has competed in no less than nine tours, each time supporting a teammate. 

Despite being an international competition, British athletes have won 6 out of the 7 last years. Some of these, for example, Chris Froome are lucky enough to be multilingual (French and Italian) with many more speaking 6 or 7 languages! However, for many English speakers it’s the opposite, Pascale Schyns, the Tour’s official translator states that “French is disappearing here”, “It wasn’t too long ago that we could say that French was the predominant language, but now there’s more English“. As British athletes continue to dominate the competition should they make more of an effort to speak French? Non-Anglophone athletes certainly make the effort to learn English! Unfortunately, it may be too late for French at ‘Le Tour de France’ as the tour officially adopted English as it’s official language in 2013.

With their last tour win remaining with Bernard ‘Le Patron’ Hinault, perhaps it’s up to the French to step up their cycling game and reclaim ‘Le Tour’ as an official French language event!

Let’s also not forget that this year’s winner is Welsh and even he admits that his Welsh is a bit ‘ropey’! Admittedly, it’s not the easiest of languages to master.

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Quotes: Pascale Schyns, Geraint Thomas

Photo: BBC Cycling

July 30, 2018 5:05 pm

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